Field Service Software

Written by Michael Federico
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When a technician is out in the field it is crucial for him to maintain communication with the home office. If this communication does not occur, it is possible for dispatches to be missed and for work orders to go unfulfilled. As a result, customer's expectations will often not be met, and business can suffer.

In the past, the phone was really the only way for employees in the field to stay in contact with those in the office. This was not always an efficient way to handle things, as calls could easily be missed if the office was busy. Also, technicians would often have to spend time simply finding a phone to make their calls. Cell phones have alleviated some of those problems, but they have not solved everything. Often, necessary information is missed, and changes to work orders are not made accurately.

Using Field Service Software to Improve Communication

Installing field service communication software all but eliminates the need for phones in the field. Technicians have near-instant access to work orders and dispatch information. If changes are made to jobs on either end they can be recorded and applied to billing invoices.

Software will help field service employees move from one job to another in a shorter amount of time. Overall productivity can be increased, and the number of mistakes made can be greatly reduced. On the whole, software solutions can help a business to better serve its customers. In most cases, this will have a positive affect on profits and expenditures.

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