Fundraising Software

Written by Michael Federico
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Fundraising is the lifeblood for most charity and arts organizations throughout the United States. Large independent donations or endowments are, of course, a major help to these groups. However, the majority of money that they take in is received through vigorous fundraising efforts. Often fundraising methods will be employed throughout the year, but there are usually fundraising drives at certain times that call for an increase in activity and effort on the part of the organization.

One of the keys to fundraising is maintaining a donor base. It is important for a group to keep track of who has given money to them in the past, because those people are usually the first ones the group will turn to in the future. Most fundraising software allows a group to keep track of how much a person has given, what campaign they responded to, when their last donation was, and much more.

Using Software to Stay in Contact

It is usually not enough to simply contact a donor once a year. The best way to keep someone interested in a cause is to keep him or her updated. Software products allow a group to regularly contact their entire donor base. This can be handled automatically, and messages can be updated as needed.

Much of the software on the market allows an organization to break down contacts into certain categories. This means that certain people can be highlighted for specific fundraising campaigns. Also, it allows a company to send its largest donors special information on fundraising events that are held for only a select few.

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