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Written by Michael Federico
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Most people do not realize how many aspects of business are actually handled by HR departments. In many cases, human resources takes care of reviewing applicants, hiring new employees, and establishing employee insurance and retirement plans. Often, the HR department also handles the calculating and distribution of paychecks. They also handle any complaints that an employee might have about another employee.

If the HR department does not run smoothly there is a good chance that the entire company will not run smoothly. It is easy for HR departments of any sized business to get bogged down in paperwork and to get behind on things that are important. There are a number of software programs that can help eliminate much of that paperwork and make things run more efficiently.

Features of HR Software

Many programs have applicant tracking capabilities. This allows the department to monitor where certain people are in the application process. This can make calling of prospective employees easier, and it can make the entire hiring process move more quickly.

There are also HR programs that handle all aspects of employee payment. They also allow a department to keep organized, extensive information in an employee's file without taking up valuable space. Most programs can also track complaints made by employees. This alerts the HR department if a real problem arises in the office, and it provides them with information that will back up their actions. Most programs are easy to set up, and allow for pass code access, so only those who have clearance will be able to use them.

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