Written by Jill Morrison
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Kitting is a method of organizing and combining assembly items in business. It allows you to mix and match these items onto one single kit. By using a Bill of Materials listing, you can easily view the amount of stock you have and how many items you can build. With this process, you will save time and improve accuracy on organizing product assemblies.

Kitting Options

Kitting allows businesses to define kit assemblies, build them with up to ten levels, and designate warehouses and their components for creating assemblies. This will allow businesses to experience better results in bidding and working with other businesses. When you can effectively assess the cost of business assemblies and compare them to other similar assemblies with a report, customers will be impressed and will be more likely to seek your business.

When using the process of kitting, you must create a Bill of Materials document. This document helps you to maintain inventory quantities, to build successful kits of assemblies, to change inventory components easily, and to track the progress of your business funds. The system is timely, accurate and can be done completely online. It helps you to maintain full control over your inventory.

A Kit in business will lump assembly products together into one virtual product. Then customers can order the product easily for a price that you have determined. Kit contents are usually shipped together to customers. Since customers have different needs, this process can be very useful in creating different types of kits.

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