Lean Manufacturing Software

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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It's a fact: all companies want to save money and increase productivity. This is especially true in today's business environment, where cutting costs and boosting efficiency are top priorities. This focus on creating a "tight ship" has led to the creation of "Lean Implementation," a key catch phrase in the manufacturing community. Just what is Lean Implementation, and how can Lean Manufacturing software help your company?

Lean Implementation involves using a series of methods, techniques, and tools to cut out waste in the production process. It was first developed by the Japanese and utilized by companies like Toyota. With Lean Implementation, the goal is to continuously improve the production environment to create "flow": where everything and everyone works together quickly and smoothly. The emphasis is on economy, both in time and movement--even a few extra steps taken by a worker can add up to an unacceptable amount of wasted time.

With Lean Manufacturing software, you can create a virtual copy of your workplace. In doing so, you can see how your company is running, and identify areas of waste or redundancy. You can change things in your computerized environment and predict how they will affect your production process, which can lead to an overall improvement.

Be a Lean, Mean, Manufacturing Machine

You could try to improve your production lines in the "real world," but that could take a lot of time. If your new theories don't achieve what you hope, or make things worse, you could be hindering your whole work day. Lean Manufacturing software gives you the opportunity to try out new ideas and methods without interrupting your company's "flow."

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