Manufacturing Simulations

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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Most people realize that manufacturing simulations can offer a lot of benefits to the companies that utilize them. By giving a "birds' eye" view of overall operations, they can see everything that happens within their company. Their value stream--every action that takes raw materials and turns them into the finished product--can be analyzed, and possible changes evaluated.

Process simulation can be a big help in creating a virtual copy of the work environment. By entering in all their information, users can create both 2-D and 3-D models to study. They can zoom in and out, turn them around, even look inside cells by "exploding" them. Try doing that in the real world! Plus, manufacturing simulation software gives real-time feedback, so users can truly see how any process changes might affect production.

But manufacturing simulations aren't just good for the people engineering these changes. Manufacturing simulation software can be used for display purposes too. You can create presentations for shareholders and investors. After all, it's much easier to show them how these changes will work, rather than trying to explain things verbally. Plus, you can even use this software to educate and inform your employees.

Today's Manufacturing Simulations

It might seem too good to be true--by importing a little information, you can create a small, yet accurate, copy of your production lines. But manufacturing simulations might just give you the needed perspective you need to make innovative improvements that can increase production, virtually eliminate defects, and lead to increased customer satisfaction--and all without disturbing your real-life work day.

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