Military Simulations

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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When you were in school studying history, you probably contemplated hundreds of historic battles. "What ifs" abounded. If Custer could have tested out his "last stand" back in the day, could he have survived? There is process simulation software available today that our armed forces utilize to create military simulations--with eye-popping results.

If Custer could have time-traveled to the 21st century, he would have been able to investigate all the possible outcomes of his fateful charge. He could have programmed in the terrain, his men, their weapons, and their estimated number of opponents. He could have tried out different methods of attack. Would an ambush have had a greater chance of success, or should he have tried to outflank them? Today's soldiers are better informed and prepared due to the use of military simulations.

Of course, military simulations are used for other purposes that aren't so serious. Many communities and groups enjoy reenacting famous battles--like the Alamo. But in days past, they had to guess just how to portray their forefathers. With military simulations, organizers can enter historical data to create a physical model of the battle. Hardcore paint ball players can also use these simulations to plan out their "campaigns."

Prepare for Battle with Military Simulations

Whether they are for fun and games--or real life-and-death situations--military simulations can be extremely informative. Our armed forces can evaluate past battles to learn how to defeat the enemies of tomorrow. By entering in and analyzing crucial data, our military leaders can identify potential problems, and avoid possible mistakes.

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