Modeling And Simulation

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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If you run a manufacturing company, it's a great idea to occasionally examine your operations and try out new things. But it's not a good idea to tear apart your production lines every few months just to see what happens. This would not only slow down your productivity, but it could get confusing. At the end of the day, creating real-life tests of your processes just isn't a practical option. That's where modeling and simulation can step in and save the day.

Everyone has created a model or two in their day. Didn't everyone create a dinosaur diorama in the fourth grade? Models have gotten a lot more sophisticated today. Now there are software programs that can incorporate images, data, work orders, and other reports to create 3-D images that look just like the real thing. They're just smaller, and fit on your computer screen. Add a little animation magic, and you can watch your "company" work.

Once your model is built, you can test out different kinds of simulations. Whether you want to redesign your floor plan, add employees, or reengineer your processes, the simulation will act just like the real thing--and can present real-time feedback and statistics. With a simulation, you can implement measures as conservative or imaginative as you want--without the real-life consequences. It's much more practical than interrupting your production lines to make revisions.

Experiment with Modeling and Simulation for Fun and Profit

You may not be able to add a Tyrannosaurus Rex to your inventory warehouse, but modeling and simulation exercises can still be fun. You have the opportunity to try out every permutation, and choose which best fits your needs. Modeling and simulation software is available through software dealers, and online.

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