Multiple Locations

Written by Jill Morrison
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When businesses have parts stored in multiple locations, inventory control can be more difficult to maintain. Larger businesses may need to have products and parts of products stored in different warehouse locations. They may do this because each of the parts may be made in different locations or by different companies. With a good system for tracking inventory in multiple locations, you company will have more of an opportunity to grow.

Working With Inventory in Multiple Locations

When your company has inventory parts in multiple locations, you will need a great system for tracking and managing inventory. Many options are available. Some business owners will try to track inventory personally. This is not a good idea when parts are stored in different locations. Regardless of the size of your company, using a software program for inventory control can be very helpful.

Different software programs are available for managing inventory. They are more timely and accurate than managing inventory on your own. The systems will use bar codes or serial numbers to label and track parts or products. Then the program will track the location of products and the amount of sales. With a good software program, you will never run out or misplace inventory because you will be completely organized.

Many smaller businesses will use QuickBooks software as a tool for inventory control. This program will also help you to manage your business plan, budget, sales, and orders. Other software programs can be used as a supplement to QuickBooks. You may need to use these additional programs as your company grows in size.

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