Pick Lists

Written by Jill Morrison
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Pick lists are used to organize a collection of directories, newsletters, or services. They are used by many search engines, including Yahoo and Magellan. They can be very useful in the case of searching for information because resources and information about the search topic have been pre-collected.

Using Pick Lists

Using pick lists is an easy method. They were created for some computer programs to allow for using as few keystrokes as possible in choosing responses. In this case, a pick list is simply an alphabetized list of information. To find a topic, users may only need to type in a few letters and the list will recognize the word to be found quickly. For instance if you are looking to find the word, "document," you may only need to type in "doc" and the pick list will find it for you.

Pick lists are also known as drop-down menus. By clicking on the menu, you can select a category from the list. Categories are usually in alphabetical order. You may need to scroll down the list if a large amount of information is stored in the menu. Then you can click on the topic you are interested in and the list will direct you to that location.

Using a pick list helps people to choose more accurate topics in searching on their computer. The list provides you with choices that relate to the search word you have used. Then you can choose the best topic for whatever project you are working on, or whatever sort of information you need.

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