Portable Data Collection

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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To ensure your business is running smoothly, it's important to have all the data on hand. Production rates, inventory, and time use are all important information. But if you're sitting up in an office away from the center of the action, it may be difficult to collect the latest info. After all, can you really keep track of hundreds of transactions from a remote location? That's why many industries utilize portable data collection.

With portable data collection, employees can employ handheld electronic devices to gather information throughout the work day. These devices include handheld computers, scanners, and Palm Pilots. These portable wonders scan barcodes to receive shipments and maintain inventory. It's simple and convenient. It's also much easier to let your employees help gather the comprehensive reports that can affect your operations.

These portable devices may seem new, but you probably see them every week at the grocery store. Grocery stores are expected to keep thousands of items in stock every day. This could be a daunting task without portable data collection. The stores use two types of data collection devices. First, there are the scanners at check out. They do more than figure out how much you should pay for provisions: they signal suppliers how many items are sold, and when new shipments should be sent. Some stores also have employees walk the aisles with handheld devices.

Keep an Eye on Inventory with Portable Data Collection

If you're not careful, important knowledge about your company could slip through the cracks. Although you may be trying to keep an eye on every aspect of your business, it may not be enough. Portable data collection takes your inventory system right out on the floor--where the transactions are made.

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