Process Mapping

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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Lean Implementation is a popular methodology used by manufacturing and production companies today. Its principles lie in eliminating waste and enhancing efficiency, to increase product quality and customer satisfaction. But how can your company utilize these principles in the "real world"? Process mapping can help your company improve across the board.

It's hard to get a clear perspective of your company without a guide. With process mapping, you simply map out every process your company goes through. This is usually done using process simulation software. Once all your information is used to create a visual model of your company, you can start to identify which processes add value to your product, and which create waste for your business. You can test out new processes and tools, and the software will predict exactly how these new ideas will affect your company.

Continuous process mapping isn't a static method of improvement--it can help your company grow and change with the times. Process mapping enables your company to constantly shift to meet differing environments and needs. And by creating a "dry run" of your proposed new methods, you can better see the end result, without interrupting the work day with experimentation that may lead to failure.

Find the Road to Success with Process Mapping

After all, you wouldn't start a major road trip without examining a map, would you? Process mapping lets you see where your company has been traveling, and can help you determine which roads to follow. You just might see a few short cuts that could bring you to your desired destination, and beyond.

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