Process Visualization

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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Many companies want to jump on the bandwagon of Lean Implementation. Lean Implementation can do great things--by cutting out unnecessary, wasteful processes, it can save businesses money and time, and improve product quality and customer satisfaction. But first you have to identify the wasteful activities your business performs--and the valuable ones, as well. Process visualization can help.

If you own a factory with hundreds of different processes to analyze, it may be hard to see them all in the "real world." Especially if your production lines and other processes are spread out among many rooms in the factory. Process visualization can help you get a clear perspective of everything that happens in a typical work day.

You do this yourself by creating a model of your business. It's important to map out every process. You can either do this with paper and pencil, or by using process simulation software. The software has the advantage of creating a virtual copy of your business. It will look, move, and work identically to your own. Instead of walking around your factory, you can use the software to zoom in and out, and explode various cells to see what's inside.

Walk Through Walls with Process Visualization

With process visualization, you're not hindered by physical barriers. You can get a bird's eye view of your company, which is the first step to figuring out which processes are valuable, and which should be gotten rid of. If you're trying to "see" your way to a profitable future, process visualization may be able to help.

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