Proposal Management

Written by Patricia Skinner
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When competing to win lucrative commercial contracts, effective proposal management is going to be key to positioning yourself just right for success. In order to be truly convincing, your proposal needs to be clear and concise. It's essential that every word that the recipient reads is relevant and informative. If you make a busy government or commercial appraiser wade through reams of waffle, you can assume you have lost your contract.

On the other hand, you need to include all relevant information that will help the recipient of your proposal draw the conclusion that your company is exactly right for the job. This means effectively exhibiting all your skills, knowledge, team expertise, techniques, and equipment and demonstrating how they will be used to execute the contract in question. You may also want to include other documentation along with your proposal, such as articles and reports about previous contracts completed by you, along with photographs and diagrams, perhaps. You may even decide to include the resumes of your key team members.

Important Proposal Details

A detailed outline of how you plan to execute the project, along with financial and time frame projections is going to be necessary. Don't forget that if you win the contract you will be expected to keep to the budget you've set for yourself. Avoid the temptation to make your quote too low. Instead, emphasize the benefits in terms of quality and speed, or any other advantage that you can give over competitors.

Effective collaboration between members of your team will be essential to the finished product. You will need input from all key personnel, along with approval from department leaders. Collaboration software will make the process the easiest it can be, and will provide a means of tracking input and changes made to your document.

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