Serial Numbers

Written by Jill Morrison
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Serial numbers are used to identify a product or the installation of a software product. For software products, they are typically printed on the box or CD that holds the software program. Upon installing a software program, you are usually instructed to type in the serial number. This is a way to keep track of the programs used on computers.

Uses for Serial Numbers

Most people think that serial numbers are solely used as a software license. However, there are many uses for them. Software programs may carry duplicate numbers, for instance, but it does not mean that they are unlicensed. Products with only one install CD can use the same serial number on each CD to show that their product has been used. These companies may still have a license, even when the serial number is duplicated.

Sometimes, serial numbers cannot be detected. For example, there is no way to store a serial number of a program if it has been pre-installed in your computer. Location of a serial number may vary, depending on the type of product. Some are not machine readable. Watch out for unique looking numbers. The serial number may be false or bought from boot sales.

Serial number tracking systems can help with the functionality of businesses. With the system, you can track each serial number as they are received, regardless of the amount. These tracking systems can be used as a means of inventory control. They can also be used to track products that need repairs, to manage warranties on products, and to reduce fraud. These tracking systems can be acquired through inventory control companies or certain software programs.

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