Service Dispatch Software

Written by Michael Federico
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Electricians, plumbers, HAVC experts, and people in other service industries have a number of issues to deal with that most businesses never have to think about. Much of the service workforce spends their time in the field. This can create communication problems, which in turn can lead to work order backups, delays, and customer dissatisfaction.

Keeping field technicians in contact with the home office is the main function of most service dispatch software packages. Regardless of location, mobile employees can get dispatch information when they are out on a call. This can reduce time between jobs, and it can increase a company's overall output. Also, updates to work orders can be made either in the office or the field, and employees at both locations will be made aware of the changes.

Choosing Service Dispatch Software

Purchasing service dispatch software will usually require that hardware be purchased for field technicians. It is important to realize what type of data will need to be entered from the field. This will determine what types of software and hardware are required.

Some businesses will need to have numeric data entry capabilities. Others will only require the use of simple text input. Still others will require complex products that allow people in the field to download materials and to enter a variety of data. The initial cost of these products can be pricey at times, but the benefits they provide for most companies such as improved efficiency, easier access to information, and better overall client services usually far outweigh the costs.

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