Simulation Demos

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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So you've used your process simulation software to define any existing problems in your manufacturing operations, and redesign your processes to enhance production. Now you just have to implement these new changes, and you're good to go, right? Well, there may be a few tough cases to convince before you make any alterations. Simulation demos make a persuasive argument that is hard to ignore.

You may need to get approval or funding from upper management, stockholders, or investors. First of all, they may not see any problems. If they are satisfied with the current state of business affairs, they may not want to mess with success. But with your simulation demos, you can show them just how your proposed ideas can benefit them. Hard facts and figures are tough to disregard. Your reengineered processes may end up paying for themselves--and you have the visual proof.

The next hurdle to leap may be your employees. The new methodologies--like Lean Implementation, or Just in Time--may seem strange and counterproductive to your seasoned staff. Some people have emotional reactions to possible change. With simulation demos, you can familiarize your workers with the new procedures to come. You can even use your demos to create simulation training exercises, which can put your plan in motion.

Strut Your Stuff with Simulation Demos

Hey, you've been working hard, and you've come up with some pretty top-notch innovations. So don't just try to tell your company what you've learned--show them. Simulation demos are useful tools that can bring everyone into the loop.

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