State Proposal

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The first thing you need to do if you're interested in winning a state proposal for your company is to find places where requests for proposal are listed. If you can find sources that offer complete lead details, you will be able to create a proposal that is a perfect match for the project. This means that your chances of winning should be good indeed, if you take the time and trouble to create a clear and concise proposal.

Nowadays, the Internet is by far the best source of RFPs for state projects, or any other kind of government or military work. Check out the websites for state and local authorities and see the relevant pages. You should also find an email address or telephone number if you need to contact anyone for further details or other information regarding your proposal. Although the Web will be your main source of information, don't forget to also check out trade magazines and local newspapers where such RFPs are also advertised.

Marketing Your Company

Remember that with a state proposal you still need to market yourself commercially. You should think of your proposal as a sales presentation, showing your company in its best light and emphasizing strengths, while not exaggerating too much or abandoning the truth. It's always best to be absolutely truthful when compiling a proposal of any kind. Any misrepresentation has a habit of coming to light, and if it does it will automatically cost you your coveted contract.

Before you decide to submit a state proposal, check to make absolutely sure that your company is completely compatible with the work that needs doing. Also ensure that you will be able to see the project through to completion, both in terms of your team's expertise and equipment that may be required. If you plan to try for more than one state proposal, don't forget that using collaboration software will make organizing your information and resources a lot easier. It will cut out a lot of the repetition that is often involved in submitting proposals, and will allow you to see clearly what is needed so that the proposals you submit are as perfect as possible.

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