Teaching Business Ed

Written by Josh Dodes
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Teaching business ed used to be largely a matter of textbooks, case studies, and the occasional overhead projection. But thanks to a few innovative software companies, teaching business ed can be more exciting today than ever before possible. By leveraging the Internet to create realistic business simulations, these companies have figured out how to provide business students with workplace experience.

It is well-known that the best way to learn is from your own mistakes. But how can business students hope to have the opportunity to make real business decisions, let alone afford to make mistakes? The answer can be found in sophisticated, hands-on business simulation games.

A New Direction for Teaching Business Ed

As opposed to oversimplified examples or case studies, these new simulation provide a more truly immersive experience in which to learn. Students can download a complex set of market conditions that emulate the real world. And once they have made relevant decisions, they can see the consequences those decisions have on the virtual marketplace.

These are exciting times for business students. Lectures and case studies will not, and should not, disappear. But the real-life experience these simulations provide can complement more traditional business education resources beautifully.

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