Teaching Teamwork

Written by Josh Dodes
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Teaching teamwork can be a notoriously difficult task in a classroom environment. How can something as complex as interpersonal dynamics be integrated into a typical lesson plan? Isn't the only good way to develop teamwork skills to work in teams?

Of course, the answer to this is yes. That is why a few innovative companies have developed business simulation software that forces students to work and compete as teams in the classroom. Because no business experience is as useful as hands-on experience, and no teamwork experience is as useful as actually working as a team.

A New Way of Teaching Teamwork

These new business simulation games do something very clever. They leverage students' innate sense of competition to foster business learning without financial risk. In other words, these simulations make up for their one unrealistic element--the lack of real money on the line--by motivating students through internal competition.

Teamwork is an absolutely essential skill in the modern business world. Teaching teamwork is therefore not only important, but necessary. By thrusting students into a lifelike situation where successful team-building leads to victory, these software companies have set a new standard for the field.

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