Timesheet Software

Written by Michael Federico
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The days of the old punch clock may finally be at an end. New timesheet software systems have made most older methods obsolete. There are programs for businesses of all types and sizes. Any office or store that has hourly employees can use software to accurately track their work hours.

The installation of such software does not simply ensure that people will only get paid for the time they are working. It can also make things much easier for the payroll department or the one person who is in charge of the checks. The timesheet information gathered for every employee can be directly transferred into a payroll program. The software can calculate the hours each person worked, the dates that the check covers, and the amount of money that employees will receive.

Timesheet/Security Software

There are timesheet software programs that are designed to work in conjunction with an employee's security badge or ID card. These programs are generally reserved for large corporations or companies that have vital information that they need to secure. Most systems are a bit pricey to install, and many require that those using them go through training. However, effective security measures and efficient payroll practices can save a business a great deal of money in the long run.

When a person has his ID scanned to enter the building, the timesheet program instantly records his arrival. The program will update the employee's file each time he leaves and reenters the building. It can even be set up to account for breaks, so a person's payroll information will be correct.

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