Trucking Software

Written by Michael Federico
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The best trucking software covers all aspects from end to end of the transportation process. This includes order entry, dispatching, asset management, billing, and settlements. Some software can even monitor the process of a shipment, allowing a company to keep their customers informed if there are any concerns along the way.

Software will also allow a trucking company to maintain detailed records. These reports can include key metrics, information on profit margins, and breakdowns of the types of freight that are being hauled and where it is that they are being taken to. There are some programs that are so comprehensive that a large trucking enterprise can monitor all of its processing from one site. This software will often provide decision support and performance analysis, as well.

Truck Maintenance Software

It is often difficult for companies to stay up-to-date on maintenance for a large fleet of trucks. Paperwork can bog people down, and important requests can get lost or forgotten in the shuffle. When installing a trucking software program it is often beneficial to find one that has maintenance management capabilities.

Using maintenance software will allow a person or company to schedule, track, and report on an infinite amount of equipment. This means that a company will always know which pieces need to have work done, which ones are currently having work done, and which ones will need to be worked on in the near future. A program such as this can help a fleet stay in top working condition, and this can increase efficiency and profit.

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