Variable Pricing

Written by Jill Morrison
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Variable pricing can be used for products in any company. Companies will vary prices on products for different reasons. Retail prices are generally higher than wholesale prices. Products may be discounted if they become clearance items, or if a business would like to provide a discount to certain customers. To maintain control over products with variable pricing, you must have complete organization and management of inventory in your business.

Variable Pricing Options

When companies use variable pricing on parts or products, it is important that they keep track of all price changes. The best way to keep track of this is through the services of an inventory control company, a consultant, or by using a great inventory management software program. You can find all of the options easily by searching online and it is recommended that you do develop an inventory control system.

When varying the prices of products and where they are shipped, it can be easy to lose track of inventory and to make budget mistakes. A solid software program can help your business to manage these things. For instance, QuickBooks can be used to help you organize and control your business plan, orders, sales, inventory levels, and budget. This software program is typically used by small to medium-sized businesses.

As your company grows, QuickBooks may not be completely sufficient as an inventory control method. You may need to acquire additional programs with feature that help you to save more time and track large amounts of inventory. Some of these additional programs will provide you with features such as pick lists, point-of-sale purchase ordering, kitting options, and Bill of Materials capabilities.

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