Autocad Alternative

Written by Adam Blau
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Many engineering and design firms have used the program AutoCAD for their computer-aided design needs for quite a while. Admittedly, AutoCAD has emerged as one of the more popular 3D CAD applications in recent years, and many design firms currently use the program. Recently, however, there have been developed alternatives to AutoCAD that can provide the user with new standards of support, feature sets and workflow efficiency.

Alternatives to AutoCAD

If you are looking to move your firm away from AutoCAD, you are likely looking for a program that encompasses features that AutoCAD is lacking. For instance, you may be looking for a design application that has full-featured live online support embedded into its code. This way, your AutoCAD alternative can allow you to ask questions of a support person from within the program itself. Some 3D CAD programs allow a support person to actually control your machine over the Internet for demonstration purposes, if you so desire.

Price is another important factor when it comes to switching from AutoCAD. If you are looking to purchase a new 3D design application, you likely do not want to spend a fortune on a licensing fee. Fortunately, some of the recent AutoCAD alternatives are available for less than $1,000 per seat--quite a bargain, when you consider that other AutoCAD alternatives can cost several times that amount.

There are those engineering and design firms who may be reluctant to switch from AutoCAD because they already know how to use the program thoroughly. They fear that if they commit to a new program, there will be a steep learning curve and that productivity will suffer. For this reason, it would behoove such a firm to seek out a software package that contains an easy-to-use feature set. This, combined with a limited free trial, can make the switch from AutoCAD an easy proposition.

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