Cad Solid Modeling

Written by Adam Blau
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Engineers and designers have an invaluable tool in computer-aided design (CAD) software. Such software allows for solid modeling, which in effect creates a simulated 3-dimensional model of a proposed component. The 3D rendering capabilities of recent CPUs allow for quick and effective depictions of components, allowing a user to quickly create entire systems with a few mouse clicks.

Finding the Right CAD Solid Modeling Software

When searching for the proper CAD software to meet your firm's or your personal needs, it is important to consider the workflow and user interface offered by the program. CAD software tends to have a particularly deep feature set. With so many options available to the user, it is not uncommon for the interface to be overloaded with overwhelming options.

Such an avalanche of features can be daunting to users both new and experienced. Even if someone is well-versed in the art of solid modeling, it can be a hindrance to work with a user interface that is not intuitive. If an engineer needs to navigate to seven submenus simply to select a given component, workflow is severely hampered, thereby sacrificing time and money.

A good CAD software interface will strike a decent balance between features and usability. If the software itself is well-developed, the main screen will be uncluttered yet flexible. The commonly-used features for solid modeling will be available with minimal effort. More than anything else, the software should aid in workflow efficiency rather than stifle it.

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