Collaboration Design Tools

Written by Adam Blau
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Engineering a large project can become an unwieldy juggernaut of a task. Oftentimes, there are thousands upon thousands of miniscule components that compose a larger system or machine. Frequently, each of those individual components requires its own engineer or designer.

Collaborating on Design with CAD Software

Some of the latest breeds of computer-aided design (CAD) software facilitate the implementation of collaborative design on a particular system. This way, a team of engineers or designers can work simultaneously on a given project at different times from different locations, but still keep track of the work that has been done thus far. The means by which we collaborate has been completely redefined by the Internet and software implementation.

For example, if several groups of engineers are working on a particular engine, it is possible to keep track of each individual step that has been taken. By using the "check in/check out" feature on some collaborative design tools, a user can easily see the work that has been done, by whom, and at what time. Redundancy and wasted time are no longer an issue.

It is a simple task to work on a collaborative design project from a single computer; each worker can pick up where the last person left off. For implementation over several computers or over distances, it is necessary for the CAD software to use a server or the Internet. Some CAD software developers have incorporated this server technology directly into the program code, making it even easier to collaborate on a design project.

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