Mechanical Design Program

Written by Adam Blau
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Engineers and designers have a slew of tools at their fingertips with the latest round of mechanical design software. In the past, engineers simply used computer-aided design (CAD) programs for planning and design purposes. Now, though, the mechanical design programs have many valuable add-ons that can test and analyze designs.

Some mechanical design programs even offer the capability of demonstrating how moving parts will operate in a finished product. Many designs constructed by engineers are mobile, functioning machines. It can be an invaluable tool to a designer to see exactly how parts will interact, and whether or not there will be any problems in the design.

Mechanical Design and Video

Different mechanical designs perform this motion feature differently. One popular way is to render the design file into an AVI or other video file, and depict it operating in its full range of motion. The AVI format is popular because it is common enough to be shared with clients or other users, and operates cleanly on most machines.

The video capabilities of mechanical design programs are particularly valuable, as they can demonstrate issues without the actual construction of a prototype. Solid, real-world prototypes cost money to construct and test. With motion features in CAD programs, a design firm can save an incredible amount of time and money by using the virtual prototypes and motion rendering on the computer.

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