Parametric Modeling

Written by Adam Blau
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Engineers and designers need a great degree of flexibility from their computer-aided design (CAD) software. Designing a given component or machine is only the first step in the engineer's work schedule. It is important that he or she be able to follow up by making quick and easy hypothetical modifications to the design.

Parametric Modeling and CAD Software

Parametric modeling allows the engineer to make these changes with a fair amount of ease. With parametric modeling, the engineer needs only to change a few basic parameters and the entire model will adjust accordingly. Rather than combing through each component piece by piece, the engineer only needs to shift some basic overall formulas and the changes will be manifest.

The changes made with parametric modeling are made through some fairly weighty mathematical equations. The high processing power of today's computers allows for an ease of computation that never existed before today. Engineers can very easily use their CAD programs to test hypothetical designs with a degree of freedom that would have been unavailable to earlier engineers.

Not all CAD software utilizes the benefits of parametric modeling. If you would like a high degree of flexibility in terms of design shape and size within your projects, consider purchasing a program that has a good parametric modeling algorithm. Without this, you will be relegated to resizing and reshaping every single component--a frightfully time-consuming activity.

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