Part Modeling

Written by Adam Blau
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There are many ways for an engineer to go about creating a design for a project. One way that can prove efficient and successful for larger designs is to create individual components for later incorporation into a project. This technique makes use of part modeling.

Engineers using part modeling will design and test individual components from the ground up. They will then classify these in a given category and can reuse them across several projects. A good computer-aided design (CAD) program will facilitate the reusing of these parts, perhaps by storing them in an independent library that is centrally accessible by multiple projects.

Part Modeling and Planning

When using part modeling, it works best to plot out the full design carefully in advance. If you know the role that a component will play in the final design, it is easier to create that part. Otherwise, you run the risk of haphazardly creating a slew of components that may or may not be compatible with one another.

For example, if you are creating a shape that is complex and oddly-shaped, it can work best to begin by defining the side of the structure with the most unique and distinctive shape. This way, you can construct the remaining parts of the structure around the base shape. By planning your shape in this fashion, you can ensure that all your components will be compatible and will function as you intend.

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