Alexander Scourby Bible

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Alexander Scourby Bible is marked by the narrator's classic bass voice and commanding inflection, both of which are perfectly suited to a spoken recapitulation of the holy texts. Scourby spent his career as a Shakepearean actor and narrator of television documentaries. Still, his legacy remains his distinctive voice, his crowning achievement the Biblical recordings he spent more than a year producing.

Scourby lends his voice to the King James Bible, perhaps the best-known and most widely circulated version of the Scriptures. Over the course of 62 discs, Scourby documents word for word the history of mankind from creation to the apocalypse described by the prophets in the New Testament. What you get is the complete unabridged Bible with no editing, no musical accompaniment, and no editorializing--just the words as they were meant to be heard.

More on the Alexander Scourby Bible

In addition to this straight reading, there is a dramatized version of the Scourby reading available from some audio Bible products stores. These consist of 16 discs of remastered voice-over work injected with greater passion and drama--as if the Bible needed either of these. There's also a dramatized full-length version available on the original 62 CDs. Here, listeners will find a musical score and guest voices for a "fuller" production.

Whichever version of the King James Bible on CD you choose, Scourby guides you along with his trademark voice and articulate pronunciation. If you're unfamiliar with the Bible's cast of characters and geography, you'll find his narration especially helpful in memorizing difficult names. And each version of the Alexander Scourby Bible comes in a handsome black carrying case that makes toting your collection a breeze.

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