Audio Bible Products

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Audio Bible products are a fantastic way to appreciate the intended meaning of the Scriptures in modern English and in a relaxed style. The aversion many people feel to organized religion is largely based on inaccessibility. Namely, it can feel as though a priest, a pastor, or a rabbi is required as a mediating presence between the common man and God.

Part of the reason for this is that the Scriptures can sound impenetrable to the uninitiated. The old English, the historical names and places, and the Bible's vague passages all work to repel newcomers to the Christian faith (or any faith for that matter). The purpose of audio Bible products is to give God's devotees a direct means of worship without the use of a Church-appointed conduit.

Just Pop in Your Audio Bible Products

Load in your Bible on CD and you've got the quiet atmosphere of your church hall or sanctuary. Take a guided tour of the historical lands described throughout the Bible with the help of your voice-over narrator, who introduces you to the sites of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the later Kings, the Prophets, and Jesus and His disciples. Even if you're wholly unfamiliar with the region that is the modern-day Middle East, you'll soon feel at home in Jerusalem, Nazareth, or on Mt. Sinai.

Audio products aren't limited strictly to Bibles. There are Christian Rock CDs, choral arrangements, and a host of other audio products that are geared toward celebrating God's Word. Or you may choose inspirational sermons or lectures delivered by some of today's leading evangelists and Bible scholars. Search your online Christian music shop and you'll find all these options at your fingertips.

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