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Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Millions of faithful Christians turn to Bible products for insight into the Word of God. By reading the Bible these followers seek to better understand how they should live in an increasingly complex world. Many times, however, the Bible, on its own, is opaque or full of vague passages that might be interpreted differently from scholar to scholar.

While some Christians do have the time and the will to undertake their own formal study of Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic--the languages in which the Bible was written--most people are forced to take their translations on faith alone. Hence, there are a slew of Bible products out there designed to explicate the difficult passages. Some of these contain semantic issues that only trained scholars can decipher, while others are rife with troubling moral and ethical questions.

Seek Guidance with Bible Products

Whatever the reason may be for your renewed sense of spirituality, Bible products can help. You may have read the Bible in Sunday school as a child and recall its ability to comfort in times of need, but have since forgotten its most instructive lessons. Or you may already be familiar with its tales and simply need a refresher for a more complete and satisfying practice. Perhaps you're now dealing with turmoil for the first time in your life and need help getting through your dark spell.

Bible products such as CDs, DVDs, and books help not only translate specific passages, but distill essential messages from Biblical tales. The book of Job may help doubters and skeptics feel a sense of connection in a world that's often isolating and indifferent. The tale of Abraham and Isaac explores notions of sacrifice and trust. The Gospels preach the importance of acceptance, especially toward those of differing beliefs and legacies.

Other Types of Bible Products

Aside from the computer programs, Bible study software, and religious audio CDs, there are the Bibles themselves. You may have been brought up on the King James Version, the Alexander Scourby Bible, or any other of a number of versions out there. Each one is different in its own right, with different idiomatic phrases, included chapters, and styles of wording. In fact, the basic message of any given story can change depending on how it's translated.

Translations take into account not just the author of a given Bible but the language itself. As the most widely circulated book in the world, the Bible has found its way into every language you can imagine. There are Spanish Bibles, French Bibles, Vietnamese Bibles, even Arabic Bibles. A sizable portion of the Arab world is Christian, meaning Bible products are just as widely embraced there as is the Koran.

Your Bible Products Resource

Whether you're merely leafing through the Bible with a detached curiosity or participate in a weekly Bible study, the words you're reading contain stories and wisdom that have inspired billions of others worldwide. At the very least, then, you owe it to yourself to investigate the texts that have held such deep meaning for so many people. Even if you're not particularly pious, you can glean valuable insights about modern-day social and political issues by understanding what underlies these peoples' beliefs.

In the pages ahead, you'll learn a little bit about the Bible's history, its various adherents, and the stories contained therein. You'll also learn about Bible products that make understanding God's Word easier, whether you're new to Christianity or a lifelong worshipper. If you come away with anything, perhaps it will be an appreciation for the interpretive differences that manage both to divide and unite the Bible's followers all around the world.

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