Bible Study Software

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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No matter how long you've been reading the Scriptures, there are always additional lessons to be learned from Bible study software. Over time, your tastes and attitudes about the material are sure to change, just as they change about politics, art, relationships, and life in general. As you acquire a more sophisticated understanding of the Bible's stories you'll need new tools to assess them and help you reach new conclusions.

Bible study software can be your key to framing old lessons in brand new ways. You may, for example, come to take a less literal stance on the story of creation. Instead of viewing it through a modern lens in which "days" equal the 24-hour periods we use in our daily lives, you may come to read them as ages or epochs. Doing so helps to resolve many of the abundant conflicts created at the crossroads of religion and science.

More Features of Bible Study Software

The best Bible software packages give you an entire arsenal of tools with which to deepen your study. There is no one definitive "best" version of the Bible, and so comparing various texts is critical for a balanced read of the Scriptures. Using Bamford & Easton's Bible Dictionaries in addition to Wetzel's Bible Chronology, for example, lets you assemble a cogent timeline and learn proper pronunciations simultaneously.

Add to that other Bible products such as Edersheim's Life & Times of Jesus, and you've got powerful supplementary material to help fill in the gaps. No Bible scholar can possibly synthesize all the hundreds of interpretations and analyses of biblical texts, but with a robust Bible program, comparing alternative views is easy. When it comes to the world's most widely disseminated words, there's more than enough room for a plurality of viewpoints.

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