Bibles For Teens

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Bibles for teens are not merely "dumbed down" versions of "adult" Bibles. Rather, they are specially tailored to address the concerns of teens and young adults in a straight-forward and sensible way. To do this, the publishers of teen Bibles excerpt relevant passages and re-work them to fit into a teenager's point of view.

The reason many teens resist Christianity (or any organized religion) to begin with is that it's often forced upon them by insistent adults. Adolescents therefore feel pressured into accepting its tenets without a real understanding of why they should do so. This can lead to resentment or even hostility toward religion as a whole.

Bibles for Teens Are Different

Bibles for teens are meant to take on issues that some churches are loathe to address such as dating and intimacy. Too often, kids are steered away from such conversations and are therefore dissuaded from any kind of open discourse. Some churches believe that sex and dating are entirely outside the realm of what teens should be discussing, which of course engenders even greater antipathy toward Christian practice.

Bible products for youths take on important topics such as honesty, temptation, and offer insights into ways teens can better achieve balance in their complicated lives. There is even Bible software for teens, which is fitting since they are the ones most wired into the technological age. CDs and DVD ROMs come with devotionals, essays, and practice exercises to help get a fuller understanding of the lessons contained in the Bible's pages.

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