Charlton Heston Bible On Dvd

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Charlton Heston Bible on DVD lets you walk through history with the help of one of the world's most beloved tour guides. Actor Charlton Heston stands for a lot of things--some more popular than others--but there's no quibbling with the pure authority he exudes in all his roles. Perhaps that's why he's played everyone from Moses to El Cid throughout his career.

Heston's roles have included some of literature and dramaturgy's most well regarded characters. In 1952 he played Buffalo Bill Cody in Pony Express. Prior to that he appeared as Heathcliff in the 1950 TV version of Wuthering Heights. His resume also includes turns as President Andrew Jackson, Antony in Julius Caesar, and, of course, Ben-Hur in the 1954 classic movie of the same name.

Get the Charlton Heston Bible on DVD

The Charlton Heston Bible on DVD gives you a first-hand look at the greatest stories from the world's most widely circulated book. Naturally, Heston's classic voice and matinee idol looks are the perfect complement to the tales themselves. With Heston as tour guide, one cannot help but feel the spiritual weight of these stories of love, sacrifice, hope, and redemption.

Like other Bible products that encapsulate the Old and New Testaments, the Heston DVD comes in multiple volumes. Over the course of four discs you'll journey from creation through Christ's resurrection and beyond. Check with your online Christian book store to find a copy of this essential recording and add it to your collection of movie classics.

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