Chinese Bible

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Chinese Bible is one of the fastest-growing and top-selling issues on the market. There are over one billion Chinese in the world, which means millions and millions of Christians, even if the country is more commonly affiliated with Buddhism. The history of Christianity on the Chinese mainland is fraught with difficulties and complexities, which partly explains why Christianity has experienced somewhat of a renaissance in more modern times.

Of the major ancient civilizations around the globe--namely Babylonian, Egyptian, Indian, and Chinese--only the last of the group was never held under alien rule. In spite of this (or maybe because of it), no national religion was ever permitted to emerge. Followers of every creed recognized the nation's sovereign interests ahead of all else.

The Chinese Bible Today

Given China's pluralistic culture, it's hardly surprising that religion there has always tended to embrace acceptance and permissiveness, even throughout the country's Communist rule. As the pall of Communism has retreated, it's opened the doors to more and more ways of life including Christianity, which historically has had great difficulty catching on in China. After the Pope forbade Chinese Catholics to worship Confucius, a century-long ban on the religion took effect.

Nowadays, thanks in part to global capitalism, Christian Bible products have gained a mainstream following. Not only are Chinese Bibles now commonplace, but Bible software, DVDs, CDs, and tapes are all readily available. Much of this can be ascribed to the global reach of the Internet, which puts spiritual and devotional products (as well as everything else within arm's reach of any one with a computer.

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