Christian Books

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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For every version of the Bible out there, it seems there are a hundred Christian books exploring its nuances and subtleties. Walk into any religious or spiritual bookstore and you'll find aisles and aisles full of books on everything from the Pentateuch (or first five books of the Old Testament) to the Apocrypha (the noncanonized texts). You'll also find essays on current "hot button" religious issues such as gay marriage, fundamentalism, and the place of piety in public life.

Christian books may be anecdotal in nature, historical, even editorial. Many of the most popular books trace nonbelievers' transformations into devotees, thanks in part to events that revealed the essential goodness or power of God. So many Christians have had this same experience that it only seems natural for it to be reflected in religious writings.

Christian Books for Skeptics

Within the category of Christian books exists a sub-category of persuasive texts meant for nonbelievers or doubters. One of the essential messages of Christianity is that its "good news" be passed along to others. This is the primary purpose of the Gospels, which give the hope of salvation to anyone willing to listen and believe. Of course, nonbelievers are, by definition, skeptical, which is why so much ink is devoted to winning them over.

If you're searching for Christian gift books for the "lapsed" believer in your life, there are a number of approaches you might take. For some, a hard sell is most effective in restoring lost faith; for these readers, a clear distinction must be made between right and wrong, good and bad, salvation and damnation. For others, a gentler approach that invites the reader to learn and inquire is most useful. Both types of books are readily available through online Christian book stores, which make gift shopping easier than ever before.

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