Electronic Bibles

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Electronic Bibles are a marvel of modern technology. If the followers of Jesus had had access to these mini computers back in their day, the Word of God would have spread with lightning speed! Alas, the disciples might have gone their 12 separate ways with their Bibles stashed neatly in their rucksacks, then beamed their lord's teachings to the masses.

Of course, not only were USB cables hard to come by in the time of Jesus, the Bible itself hadn't been formally collated into one central text. The Old and New Testaments took nearly 1500 years to come together in the form we see today. Even once that had been achieved, it underwent countless revisions, edits, re-issues, and circulations. With today's electronic Bibles, many of these varying versions are right at your fingertips and are completely portable to boot.

Features of Electronic Bibles

There's a wide range of Bible software on the market, but the best products all have a few things in common. Electronic Bibles read discs or cartridges that contain the full, unabridged versions of the world's most popular Bibles, from the New American Bible to the New International Version. Simply pop in your cartridge and begin reading as you would from an elegant, leather-bound tome.

The best electronic products also give you search and scan options to help you find whatever passages you're looking for. There are also translation dictionaries, pronunciation guides, and daily devotional excerpts for inspiration on the go. Often such Bible computer software gives you standard database options such as phone number entries, e-mail and address storage, and lots of other contact information. You may end up not even needing your PDA once you invest in an electronic Bible.

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