Johnny Cash New Testament

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Johnny Cash New Testament on CD was one of the Man in Black's final projects of his career. Cash's mother had always encouraged Johnny to make this definitive recording, and shortly before his death last year he fulfilled his mother's wish. Now you can own this classic crooner's reading with a 16-CD box set collection.

The Arkansas-born Cash was one of the leading lights of American music with over 70 albums to his credit. He was known as one of the first recording artists to bring a much-needed sense of humor to country music, though that never detracted from the seriousness of his craft. Throughout his discs you'll discover his obvious love for his country, his zest for life, and his passion for great roots music.

The Johnny Cash New Testament on Disc

It seems there are thousands of audio Bible products out there, many of them finding popularity for the first time thanks to the Internet. But the Johnny Cash New Testament is arguably the one with the greatest celebrity imprimatur, with apologies to Charlton Heston. Both men continue to enjoy rabid followings as reflected in the sales of their religious audio CDs and DVDs.

It is a testament to Cash that he approached this recording with deference and awe, two qualities his peers and fans have shown toward the music star throughout his career. Even now, Cash posthumously gets the reverence his body of work demands. It is only fitting that a man of his stature in the entertainment world show equal devotion to the legendary stories of the Holy Bible.

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