King James Bible On Cd

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The King James Bible on CD comes in several different formats. There's the entire unabridged version, which spans some 60 discs, the equivalent of a cover-to-cover read. There's also a New Testament collection, which chronicles four different classes of literature: the Gospels, history, correspondence, and apocalypse.

Of the hundreds of Bibles available today, the King James Version is arguably the best known. Its emergence in the Anglican Church concluded an era of "competing" Bibles. There'd been the Geneva Bible as well as the Bishop's Bible of 1568, both of which were already in wide circulation throughout Europe.

How the King James Bible on CD Came To Be

When Queen Elizabeth died in 1603, the Tudor throne in England was passed to the Stuarts, namely King James I, who had been King James VI of Scotland before that. In 1604 at the Hampton Court Conference, James decreed a new translation of the Bible in English. Prior to that, the Bibles of Henry VIII and Edward VI had been corrupted and, in the opinion of James, strayed too far from the original Word of God.

James called upon 54 of the greatest scholars of the day to translate the definitive version of the Bible that now bears his name. Today, when you buy the King James Bible on CD, you're getting a verbatim copy of that historically mandated text, making the KJV, as it's called, one of the most sought-after Christian products on the market. With the Bible on CD, it can now reach the masses in ways the Stuart and Tudor rulers never deemed possible.

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