Large Print Bibles

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Large print Bibles are tailored to those with failing eyesight or just those who tire of squinting through hours of dedicated prayer. Some Bibles are several thousand pages long, a length that doesn't exactly lend itself to large legible fonts. For this reason, many followers restrict their religious practice to weekly church sessions where the words can be heard instead of read.

Large print Bibles may be meant for the visually handicapped, but they're not designed for the physically weak. Some volumes come in five or six separate books in order to accommodate 22- or 24-point fonts. Because a 5000-page tome can be unwieldy, it is broken down into more manageable pieces. To make matters easier, the fonts chosen, such as the Dutch type Plantin, are among the most easily readable.

Sacrifice Nothing with Large Print Bibles

Choose a large print version, and you give up none of the standard features you get with traditional Bibles. The same maps, concordances, and pronunciation keys are standard with bigger formats, as is the craftsmanship you expect. This may include gold hand-lettering, ribbon markers, gilded edges, and an elegant leather cover.

Large-font Bible products are made in order to include everybody in the ritual of daily prayer. Better still, large print bibles are available in any version you've come to depend on, be it the King James Version, the Living Faith Bible, the New American Bible, or any of the other standard offerings. If a 24-point font seems a bit excessive, there's a sliding scale of sizes that ranges all the way from the usual 8- or 10-point type to crisper, clearer presentations.

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