Mp3 Of The Bible

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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For the truly tech-savvy, an MP3 of the Bible is the wave of the future. Well, at least for now, until a better digital technology emerges. No doubt Jesus would have shaken his head in awe at the marvels of MP3 audio, which compresses files down to a microscopic size making them easier than ever to beam around from laptop to PDA to other wireless devices.

Your MP3 of the Bible comes on a series of compact discs but is still in MP3 format. Many music downloaders are only familiar with MP3s as virtual files and not physical discs, so it's important to clarify this point. Once you have your Bible in MP3 form on CD you have many more options than you would with an ordinary disc. You can attach excerpts in e-mails, send them to your portable MP3 player, beam them to your office to keep on your desktop there, or convert them into other kinds of audio files such as WAVs or WMAs.

The Beauty of an MP3 of the Bible

Compression is the buzzword in digital technology. And with Bibles on MP3 it's easy to take the Word of God with you everywhere, including church, the ballgame, the mall, or school. Like regular CDs, MP3s sample the continuous sound of a voice or instrument. When those samples are played back at a high enough rate, it approximates continuous sound. In fact, most people can't even distinguish between an MP3 and a tape or CD recording.

If you've been stealing music for years now, the idea of buying any MP3 will undoubtedly seem foreign to you. But the RIAA has followed up on its first wave of crackdowns and recently pressed charges against audio pirates at colleges and universities. Yes, you have to pay for your Bible products, even if they're in an easily reproducible format. What exactly do you suppose Jesus would say to someone who stole Christian books in any format?

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