Niv Audio Bible

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The NIV Audio Bible is based on the text copy of the New International Bible began in 1965 by a group of transdenominational scholars. Over 100 writers, researchers, and linguists convened in Illinois and decided a new English-language translation of the scriptures was necessary. This after pressure from the National Associations of Evangelicals and the Christian Reformed Church.

The new translations, like that of the NAB, was to be based on the classic Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek--the languages in which the original Scriptures were recorded. This new group won backing by the New York Bible Society, which provided them enough clout to lure in scholars from a host of countries including Australia, Great Britain, Canada, and New Zealand. More importantly, it brought together reps from a wide swath of denominations.

Revisions That Led to the NIV Audio Bible

The NIV Audio Bible you hear today is the culmination of many rounds of edits and revisions. This thorough vetting process was necessary in order to avoid any partisan bias among the denominations. The Intermediate Editorial Committees reviewed the initial work of the scholars hired, then passed their recommendations along to the General Editorial Committees.

The upshot of all this scrutiny was a Bible that is eminently readable and learnable. Unlike many other Christian products, the NIV is accessible to any English speaker; its modern style eschews archaic words and constructions. and unlike other audio Bible products, it strives to maintain a sense of fluidity and attention to the nuances of the original languages.

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