Word Of Christ On Cd

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Hearing the Word of Christ on CD isn't exactly the same as hearing it from a live priest or pastor, but then you can't always be in church either. For those looking for daily inspiration from the Bible and, specifically, the teachings of Jesus, the Word of Christ on CD can be an excellent surrogate for a morning in church. The best part is, you don't have to depend on the guidance of a church-ordained specialist to understand the messages either.

The teachings of Jesus are at the very crux of Christian practice. Kindness to one's neighbor, acceptance of other viewpoints and attitudes, charity, and compassion form the structural core of any true Christian's worship. Thankfully, these concepts enjoy daily application where they do the most good. For all the spiritual contentment one feels from hearing Scripture recited aloud, there is no substitute for the actual doing of good deeds. Having the Bible on CD can help this happen.

Find the Word of Christ on CD

Most online Christian book stores offer a smattering of religious CDs and even DVDs that are perfect for traveling, commuting, or just listening and watching at home. There are several famous dramatists who have lent their voices to audio Bible products. You may be able to find a favorite stage or screen actor whose presence you find comforting, then sit back and enjoy his or her guidance as you receive the Message of Christ.

That message is one of reassurance at a point in our history when so much seems left to chance. By acknowledging the depth of God's love for his only son, many Christians take the first step in feeling a sense of permanence in a fleeting world. At the heart of the message is a tale of sacrifice, which, even for secularists, can be a critical and instructive lesson to learn and seek to apply to everyday life.

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