Baseball Software

Written by Jared Vincenti
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Baseball is a sport which often requires having more than one coach, since few are able to master pitching, batting, throwing and catching well enough to teach all four. Usually, one coach can handle two or three of these skills, and needs to rely on other coaches or assistant coaches to compensate for the others. This is no problem in the Major Leagues, but most high schools and recreational leagues need to find a different solution to this dilemma.

Virtual Coaches

The traditional way to help a coach teach all the necessary baseball skills is to use instructional videos. These often feature popular professional athletes explaining and demonstrating their skills on camera for younger players. Seeing the movements on film is a huge educational aid, since many athletic teens tend to be visual learners.

Now, this concept has been taken one step farther. Computer technology has reached a point where high quality digital video is affordable and commonplace. Computer programs can show a professional pitches and swings, and then allow users to rotate around and zoom in and out, to see the motion from every possible angle.

Even more advanced are motion analysis systems, which are hardware and software packages used to create these programs. Athletes can tape their own pitches, and then compare them on screen to the pros. This way, an aspiring athlete can perfect his form by imitating a professional, even without the help of a skilled coach.

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