Golf Software

Written by Jared Vincenti
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Golf is one of the hardest sports to teach, perhaps in part because it is a very technique-oriented sport. Dedication and enthusiasm are less important than patience and exactness when learning how to swing a golf club. The majority of golfers have at some point hired a professional golf instructor to help them with their swing, and pro golf teachers have reliable success rates.

Teaching Yourself Golf

Many people are reluctant to spend money on a golf instructor (and they aren't cheap, either), and many others prefer to learn on their own. Whatever the reason, a large number of people decide to teach themselves the sport of golf. The most important thing to remember about this approach is that it will take a lot of patience and precise work.

Buying some instructional aids will be a big help, as well. Many books on golf do a great job of breaking down the rules, conventions, and etiquette. In addition, they are the best place to start getting a basic knowledge of the sport--what clubs to use in what situations, how to approach a head wind, and so forth. What books cannot show is the technique of a golf swing.

This is where instructional videos and computer software come in handy. By showing a proper swing from every conceivable angle, you can get a much better idea of how to improve your own swing. Videotaping your own swing and comparing it to an ideal swing is also immensely helpful, and there are motion analysis software packages that help you analyze your own swing in as much depth as the professionals.

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