Golf Swing Training Aids

Written by Jared Vincenti
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Any seasoned golfer can tell your skill level just by looking at your golf swing. Notorious for being difficult to master, the basic swing is the most important part of your golf game. It is a very particular motion, and having a strong and accurate swing is a skill that even pro golfers still pay to be taught.

The golf swing is made of three parts: backswing, downswing, and follow through. The golf ball is positioned on the ground in front of the golfer, whose feet are facing at a right angle to the direction the ball will travel. The backswing sees the golfer rotate his torso back, and then forward in a sharp downswing that brings the club under the ball. The golfer follows through his swing as he rotates forward, and launches the ball out and up.

Mastering Your Golf Swing

There are many golf coaches out there who can teach you the mechanics of a proper golf swing. This usually involves the coach watching your swing, and helping you to correct your motion so that it more closely resembles a perfect swing. Often, the coach's job is little more than watching carefully and giving pointers.

If you've ever felt that you could be your own golf coach if you could just watch your own swing, you should look into motion analysis software. By hooking up a video camera to a motion analysis station, you can tape your golf swing and replay it instantly. Good motion analysis systems will allow you to watch your swing in slow motion, and even to zoom in and out on specific parts of your body to help you notice and fix the problems in your golf swing.

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