Motion Capture

Written by Jared Vincenti
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One of the biggest advantages that sports have seen since the invention of the camera is the use of motion analysis. By using video footage, coaches and athletes can examine form and technique in intricate detail. This is a huge advantage, as an athlete can actually see what mistakes he may be making, and go about fixing these to improve his game.

Best Videotaping Techniques

There are several factors that are important when taping an athlete for motion analysis. You want to make sure that you are taping from a consistent angle, and may need to move the camera to keep the same perspective on the figure. In addition, you should tape against a plain background, so that you can get the best contrast between the body and background.

You probably want to use a video recorder that is able to tape in slow motion. This will enable you to capture more frames per second, and thus give you more to look at when you sit down to analyze your footage. In addition, you may want to check with a film store to see if you can get a higher exposure film that may be better at capturing clear frames of motion.

Finally, you may want to invest in motion analysis software. This lets you review your footage on a computer, and give you tools that allow you to slow down, speed up, and zoom in and out on the figure. This kind of detail allows athletes to see their bodies from a whole new angle, and to use this knowledge to improve their performances.

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