Physical Therapy Equipment

Written by Jared Vincenti
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After a significant bodily injury, it is often necessary to undergo rehabilitation. Physical therapy is a practice that helps restore function to damaged body parts, and to strengthen muscles and tissues to prevent future injury. Physical therapy is often prescribed to help an accident victim return to work; in this case it is often referred to as occupational therapy. Physical therapy can be very costly, but is essential to prevent future injury.

How Physical Therapy Works

When you first start physical therapy, you will meet with a doctor or specialist who will determine your best course of recovery. He will choose exercises and training regimes for you to undergo over a certain period of time, after which he will meet with you for re-evaluation. Often, he will recommend that you schedule regular visits (usually weekly) to a physical therapy center, where specialists will help you through your recovery.

These centers are an immense asset to someone undergoing rehabilitation, since they have trained staff and equipment on hand. Physical therapy equipment usually includes weight training machines, massage tables, free weights, and other devices meant to strengthen your body. In addition, you may meet other people at your physical therapy center who are going through the same difficulties you are, and it helps a lot to have support.

However, many people cannot afford regular physical therapy, or simply cannot arrange their schedules to accommodate it. If this is you, try to talk to your doctor about what you can do at home. If you convince him that you can do exercises on your own, you may be able to get away with fewer visits. All you need is a few small exercise items and a positive outlook.

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