Physical Therapy Products

Written by Jared Vincenti
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If you have been assigned a course of exercises for physical therapy, you may have been given exercises to do at home. These are usually simple workouts that can be done while sitting in place. Other times, your doctor may give you a small toy that is used for resistance or support when doing your exercises. These simple products are a great aid in recovering from an injury, though, and are more than just toys.

Therapy Aids

You may be surprised if your physical therapist gives you a small rubber ball to help with your rehabilitation. However, objects like this are extremely useful for their portability and convenience. A rubber ball can help strengthen your hand in grip exercises, or help your ankle mobility from balance exercises.

Other physical therapy products are just as seemingly out of place. A common piece of equipment is a thin sheet of rubber. This is usually tied or held while a weakened body part works out against the pull of the rubber. This kind of resistance training is the first step in restoring strength to an injured or atrophied limb, and it is a precursor to proper weight training.

Finally, your therapist may recommend that you use some motion analysis software. By videotaping and replaying your own motions, you can see where your weaknesses may still lie. This equipment is commonplace in a physical therapist's office, and is useful in day-to-day elements of rehabilitation between visits.

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